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Strive to change the ins and outs of digital marketing agencies

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Strive to change the ins and outs of digital marketing agencies

Viking Footwear




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This Norwegian success story has been manufacturing grade-A footwear for the last hundred years. They lacked a satisfying digital presence and needed a partner to help them create and manage one. A partner like us.


The challenge

Viking had traditionally worked mostly with analogue channels. This called for a massive effort to create a viable e-commerce infrastructure for the company. They wanted to penetrate several new markets and were largely unknown outside of the Nordic countries. 

Our people stood before the implementation of a broad spectrum of actions.


The remedy

By assessing which kind of influencers would carry the tradition of Viking footwear best, we managed to take an overall strong position in the retail industry for high tier functional footwear. We took full charge of all of Vikings digital channels and e-commerce from the get go. By doing so, we managed to increase overall sales as well as penetrating the Danish and German markets.

The retrospect – summary

With 100+ influencer co-operations in 2021 alone, we managed to translate the Viking success saga to even more markets and audiences. Our people made sure that this traditional company stays relevant by building their digital presence from the ground up.


This company was founded in frustration with an agency system that is largely tied to a number of hours instead of striving to improve results.



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